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        Financial Services
        Financial Services
        XCMG Finance provides reliable and professional financial services to all XCMG dealers and customers with a variety of preferable solutions to help you succeed.
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        ABOUT US

        Starting from Brazil in 2020, XCMG FINANCE is dedicated to serve all XCMG family members. Till now, over 1000 XCMG dealers and customers from Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and US are enjoying our effective and satisfied services for their business.

        As a leading brand in the industry, XCMG FINANCE provides both retail and wholesale financial solutions to XCMG dealers and customers for all XCMG equipment. Whether you are looking to finance equipment, acquire working capital or improve cash flow, XCMG FINANCE always stands together with you to understand your needs and driven your success. Partnered with well-known names worldwide, XCMG FINANCE is able to facilitate our customers with innovative and flexible finance and leasing packages to help your business grow.

        In the near future, XCMG FINANCE will continue expanding to establish a global network covering more countries and regions. We are dedicated to become a world-class financial solutions provider offering quality service throughout the life cycle of XCMG equipment globally.

        On XCMG’s way to the top of the world construction machinery industry, XCMG FINANCE takes a pivotal supporting role to build a premier financial system that meet XCMG’s internationalization goal and en-power XCMG’s investments and operations worldwide. Align with our mission and vision, XCMG FINANCE embraces friends and partners from all over the world to join us sharing the success together.

        • 1
          Financed Equipment Value
          RMB¥1 Billion (in 2022)
        • 500+
          Customers Served
          More than 1000+
        • 4
          Overseas Platform
        • 100%
          Customer Satisfaction
          We offer competitive buyer's credit financing solutions designed specifically for key customers and large-scale procurement. Our aim is to facilitate the expansion of your business and relief your financial burdens by our integrated program and enhancing XCMG’s sales performance and accelerating the transactions.
          We offer wholesale financing services for our dealerships to strengthen their presence with more equipment in stock. We understand that as a dealer, you may encounter challenges related to limited cash liquidity. Our solution enables you to rejuvenate your inventory and enhance your business management capabilities significantly. Additionally, we provide flexible payment terms and extensions, along with tailor made options for peak periods and seasonal variations.
          We provide financial leasing services to our end-users. Our objective is to address the financial constraints faced by end customers, empowering them to acquire necessary XCMG equipment that would otherwise be unattainable due to funding limitations. Through our streamlined process and minimal initial capital requirements, we are committed to assisting you in realizing your business objectives.
        OUR TEAM

        Our team are experienced and professional. About 80% of our employees hold a master degree or higher from top universities in the world. The executive team are exceptionally qualified with over 10 years working experience in financial industry worldwide. With a wholehearted devotion and customer-centered idea, our team are able to serve you comprehensively and efficiently with a high level standard.

        • XCMG BANK
        • Existing Platforms
        • In Preparation
        • Next 2 Years
        Our two financial centers in Xuzhou and Hong Kong make it possible for our customers benefit from favorable financing schemes in and out of China Mainland. Currently, we operate four overseas platforms in Brazil, US, Thailand and Malaysia. XCMG FINANCE will establish more than 20 overseas subsidiaries by 2030 covering major markets of us, ensuring exceptional service delivery to all XCMG customers worldwide.
        Want to know more? Contact your nearest dealer

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